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Cableway over the Ruiten AA: ‘I’ve never seen anything like this’

Ter Apel has the first hand-driven cable car in the Netherlands. It connects the banks of the Ruiten Aa just outside the village.

The cable car is 22.4 meters long and forms an important link in various long-distance footpaths that traverse the area. ‘We wanted something special,’ says project manager Albert Rademaker from the municipality of Westerwolde. ‘It is also meant as an impulse for tourism.’

Turn wheel
Hikers can sit in a gondola and send them to the other side with the aid of a turning wheel. There is room for a maximum of two people. The gondola can also be moved on both banks with the aid of rotating wheels.

‘Good to do’
The Deleij couple from Dordrecht, who are camping in the area, are enthusiastic about the new facility. ‘We have traveled all over the Netherlands, but I have never seen anything like this. Unique, “says Harry Deleij.

His wife Silia attacks him, although she notices that it takes some power to turn the wheel. “But that’s good for the arm muscles, it’s easy to do.”

The cable car cost more than 2 tons. That amount was paid with contributions from the municipality, the province and from Europe.

The new cross-river connection will be officially taken into use next Monday, but a trial has been running for one month to detect childhood diseases.

‘In that month, unfortunately, there were also vandalism’, says Rademaker. “We hope that does not happen again.”

Will there be camera surveillance?
‘We prefer not to do that, but if something is destroyed again, that is an option that will be discussed.’