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Cable Car Ter Apel officially opened

TER APEL – Deputy Patrick Brouns and alderman Bart Huizing officially opened the cable car on the Ruiten A canal this afternoon.

It had been in use for a while, but this afternoon the first hand-driven cable car in the Netherlands was officially opened. This free-to-use cable car across the Ruiten Aa Kanaal brings hikers from one forest to the other in Ter Apel. For the design, the design of the former steam tram Ol ‘Graitje was used as a source of inspiration. The gondola accommodates two people. The cable car can be operated both from the gondola and from both banks.

Recovery of the Runde and Ruiten Aa
The 22.4 meter long cable car is part of the ‘Recovery of the Runde – Ruiten Aa’ project as a continuous water connection from Bargerveen to Dollard. The final part of this project is the link Runde – Ruiten Aa. With this plan a natural water system has been realized and an important ecological connection has been established. This renewed watercourse enriches the landscape, broadens the recreational possibilities, increases the cultural-historical values ​​and thus gives the living environment of the region a quality impulse.

The cable car in Ter Apel provides a walking connection across the Ruiten Aa Kanaal and, together with all other investments of this walking area, makes a real experience.

Unique in the Netherlands
The cable car reinforces the tourist infrastructure and makes the area near Ter Apel more attractive for hikers. In addition, it increases the attraction value of the long-distance footpaths to Drenthe and Germany. The part of Ter Apel in the direction of Emmen is already one of the most attractive parts of this route. The cable car makes the area accessible to more people and makes Ter Apel unique in the Netherlands.



Bron: https://www.westerwoldeactueel.nl/2018/06/18/kabelbaan-ter-apel-officieel-geopend/