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MF Emmen performs all the engineering work itself. Our engineers have extensive experience in all disciplines. We do not only have experience in producing detailed drawings for new constructions or repair work, but also in providing technical advice and making complex stress calculations. This is also one of the services provided by MF Emmen.

We work with the latest 3D and CAD software.

The Finite Element Method (FEM) is used to simulate the interaction of forces on components and to critically assess the design before production and application.

Reverse Engineering

Machinefabriek Emmen is also your partner when it comes to Reverse Engineering for parts of machines or installations.

Why Reverse Engineering and when is it applicable:

  • The manufacturer of the machine or plant no longer exists or can no longer be traced.
  • There is no documentation for the part in question anymore.
  • No drawing or 3D CAD model for present.
  • The source of the part can not be determined.
  • Product improvement through digital testing.
  • Original “spare” parts are more expensive.

Realized Projects

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