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Quality, working conditions and environment (KAM) are essential aspects during performing our work. The KAM policy is integrated in our general policy of MF Emmen.

MF Emmen has chosen to bring the working methods based on our process in a KAM handbook, where these aspects are integral taken. The handbook contains all the MF Emmen procedures forms and instructions needed for the organisation to managing, monitoring and improve.

The quality system and the implementation of this are certificated on base of EN ISO 9001:2015. The working condition system conforms the working conditions legislation and is certificated based on the SCC** version 2008/5.1.

The KAM system is not the only measurement that MF Emmen has taken to guarantee the quality of the products. EN ISO 9001 does not relate to the welding process, that is why MF Emmen is certificated in the following standards: EN1090-1, 1090-2, EXC-3, EN-ISO3834 and DIN 2303 Q2-BK2.

MF Emmen also owns the by Lloyds register issued stamp authority .

MF Emmen is prepared in consulation to get extra certificates if necessary to produce youre products.